Assembly Machine for Catheter

  • Fully integrated onto packing machine line.
  • Fully automatic catheters pick and place system
  • Intelligent sorting system
  • Overall catheter assembly status on GUI

Technical Data


Machine Dimension 4.8 meter x 1.5 meter
Tubing Diameter 12mm diameter
Tubing Length Max 500mm
Expecced Output 80pc / min (4800pc / hour) *Estimated 2 mil/month
Dispenser Weight 400gram to 450gram
Tubing Loading Manual loading by max 2 operators (provision 2 operators loading space)
Chain Conveyor S/S 304, double chain design (enhanced chain rigidity) drive by 750watt servo motor
Tubing Aligner Included. Drive by cylinder
QA1 – Vision Inspection
  • Field of view: 150 mm(H) x 112.5 mm(V)
  • Camera Resolution: 1600 (H) x 1200 (V) *2megapixel
  • Accuracy: 0.09375 mm/ per pixel
  • Minimum detectable hole size: >2mm
Inspection Criterias: 1.Tubing Protude Length

2.Tubing Orientation

3.Tubing Absent / Present

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