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LTM 120

Leak Test Machine for Gloves Pinhole Detection and Sorting

Specially designed for pin-hole detection and leak test of Natural Rubber and Nitrile Gloves, the glove pinhole detection & sorting machine adopts a high-precision digital pressure sensor up to 0.001 psi for performing pressure decay leak tests on gloves.

The machine consists of 120 test mandrels made of medical-grade Teflon material with built-in LED and works well on standard glove size gloves from XS to XL (examination gloves) ranging from 5.5 to 9.0 (surgical gloves).

The machine operates at a production rate of 4,600 to 4,800 pieces/hour. It can produce up to 5,200 to 5,400 pieces/hour by using an inverter motor.

download (1)
Glove Pinhole Leak Testing Machine LTM 120 (5)
Glove Pinhole Leak Testing Machine LTM 120 (1.0)
Glove Pinhole Leak Testing Machine LTM 120 (3)
download (1)
Glove Pinhole Leak Testing Machine LTM 120 (5)
Glove Pinhole Leak Testing Machine LTM 120 (1.0)
Glove Pinhole Leak Testing Machine LTM 120 (3)
No Calibration Required for Pressure Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor don’t required for Annual Calibration. Customer can use AFA Validator to validate the pressure sensor by themselves. Training will be provided. This will helps customer to save huge cost on annual calibration.
  • Thanks to High Resolution (up to 0.001 psi) Medical Grade Digital Pressure Sensor from Honeywell. Accuracy and Consistency are guaranteed. Annual Calibration is not required but just validation will do.
Working Operators

LTM 120 only required 3 direct operators for glove loading, 70% of man power saving comparing to manual inspection

Machine Output
  • LTM 120 nominal output within 4600 to 4800 pieces / hour.
  • Machine speed can be increased by adjusting the moto’s inverter to archive up to 5200 to 5400 pieces / hour (subject to glove characteristic capability)

Lighting – Result Indicator and Cosmetic Check Aids

We are the first who introduce and built in the LED light into LTM machine glove testing mandrel, it used as glove testing indicator and also play as aids for glove cosmetic checking.

LTM LED are special design with 2 individual bulb, it become more energy saving and longer life time.

Universal Glove Size Mandrel

Our LTM machine glove testing mandrel are built from engineering plastic (Teflon material) and is safe and hygiene to use for medical glove.

LTM machine mandrel are suitable and proven with as below:

  • Size XS to XL
  • Size 5.5 to 9.0
  • Nitrile Glove
  • Latex Glove
  • Beaded and Un-beaded Glove
  • Exam and Surgical glove (longer length)

Unlimited Glove Testing Recipes

Our program allow user to create new glove testing recipe, and the recipe can categories in glove type, glove size and AQL level.

User are also allow to fine tuning the parameter from chart and histogram, even our program have an auto fine tuning function where it can study the characteristic of particular glove lot and update the parameter automatically.


Security Access to Program – 3 Level User (Engineer, Technician and Operator)

  • Engineer ; Can create new recipe, change parameter, add/delete user – Full Access Level
  • Technician ; Check parameter, check components (I/O point) – Limited Access Level
  • Operator ; Only perform Production – Low Access Level
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