Case Packer Machine

The Case Packer (CPM-T) is mainly designed to pack the inner box automatically into carton box. When the inner boxes transferring to the entrance of CPM-T, there is having a
Vision system to check and identify the printing information on the inner box, after that Flipper will turn the orientation. The 3 Axis
Gantry Robot performs pick & place and accumulate with the exact number needed according to required matrix before loads into outer carton box.
The inner boxes will be placed from top (Top Load) into the outer carton box precisely. Carton Locator will leave out when all inner boxes are filled into the outer carton. After that, the Outer Carton box unloads with the Unloading Conveyor and goes thru Auto Carton Sealer for carton top enclose and tape sealing process.

It consists of a single integrated unit with 3 different modules:

  • Cobot Carton Erector
  • Case Packer – Top Load
  • Auto Carton Sealer

Technical Data


Matrix Layout 5 x 2 (Inner Box)
Packing Configuration Arrangement of inner in Outer

Packing Configuration: Standing on Flap

Able to Support 6 x SKU (Concurrent)
Payload Per Time Up to 10kg
Outer Dimension Range (Wdith) 150 – 400 mm
Outer Dimension Range (Length) 200 – 550 mm
Outer Dimension Range (Height) 150 – 300 mm
Remarks Required to have 10 – 15mm tolerance free gap in between  inner box and Outer Carton
Format Change Fully Auto
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