Cobot Carton Erector

This Cobot Carton Erector functions as a flexible and space saving intelligent carton erector. It can support a wide range of carton sizes without any mechanical changeover. The Cobot erecting carton in flat form. Carton bottom flaps are being closed and sealed automatically.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Good Space Saving
  • High Flexibility to handle different SKU
  • Support wide range of Carton Box Dimension
  • Easy Maintenance as this is a Standard Robot
  • High Payload (Up to 10kg)
  • Bottom Flaps Closing and Sealing with tape

Technical Data


Output 2.1 to 10 carton / minute
Support 6 SKU (Concurrent)
Bottom Seal with Taping 2 inches
Carton Supported Dimensions 145 – 430 mm (Width)

155 – 600 mm (Length)

125 – 300 mm (Height)

Carton Storage each 1 SKU – 40 pieces

6 SKU – 240 pieces (Estimated time 114 min)

Format Change Fully Auto
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