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Exam Glove Inner Box Auto Packing Machine

CTN PP machine is Examination glove inner box auto packing machine, the machine will handle glove coming in stacked (normally 100 pieces) with proper layered and insert the glove into inner box and then close up the inner box flap. The CTN PP machine is designed to locate after glove dipping line and it is online packing process.


Technical Data


Machine Model CTN PP
Output Output up to 4 boxes/min. 100pcs/box
Machine Dimension 3300m(L) X 2420mm(W) X 1550mm(H)
Auto Loading Dispenser
  • Standard: 1 SKU
  • Optional: Support 2 SKU (Both dispensers’ dimension must be same)
Dispenser Weight 400gram to 450gram
Dispenser Flap type Butterfly type only
Format Change 55mm – 100mm (within 15MIN)
Electrical Supplies 415 VAC/50Hz (3 Phase)
Incoming power (AC) 3 Phase-415VAC 50Hz 15A
Power consumption 343 (Watt/hr)
Air consumption 30 (m3/hr) (without inner carton)
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