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Glove Auto Stacking & Counting Machine

GASC is designed to supports up to 42,000 pieces / hour. Gloves Stacking quantity from 100 pcs up to 300 pcs. It’s able to link to Glove Transfer Conveyor (GTC).


Technical Data


Machine Length Up to 2.8m
Machine Width 2.0m – 2.5m depends on Dipping Line Design
Output Capacity 28k/hour – 42k/hour
Glove Type Latex and Nitrile, Beaded or Non-Beaded Exam and Surgical Glove
Glove Size 5.5 to 9.0 and XS to XL
Electrical Supplies 230 VAC/100VAC Single Phase 5Ax 50Hz or 60 Hz
Operating Perssure 5.5 bar/81 psi
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